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Hi Ozzy, since darkblade has access to communicate with you and Sharon,
while you're reading this,

I don't mean any offence in regards to f_darkbladeus, but:

LM!OL or LM?OL ???
eh Ozzy?
LM!OL or LM?OL ???

(really big sigh) ;-)

I love you Ozzy, Sharon et al.

Ozz bless the rest eh?

thank you. nov 27/2010, before the lights came back on.
you know.
Thank You!!
and right back atcha bro!

Thank You "we" love you.

enough said on that one. :-)

oh, sorry, june 11/03. that was something very special! to "us",
that "we" will never, ever forget. Thank you for that.
you know.
enough said on that one too.

Thank you, "we" love you.

Cheers! :-)