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I just had to get on here and try and say one thing. OZZY RULES!!! I whent to the pepsi center and if any one should be critisized it should be the pepsi center for not allowing enofe room to have in between there chairs. Who in the hell wants to sit at a Ozzy Concert. Ozzy preformed so well that night, He was the clearest I have heard in a long
time.And I have whent to the last two shows as well and I know. I had to leave early this time and felt so bad becuase my wife had a personal emergancy come up. (I WAS PISSED) but could do nothing about it. I would never leave
you OZZY for no good reason. I think that he should try and preform some place elce. Some place that we can all party
and have a good time. It is just too crowded at the pepsi center. So please forgive us OZZY.