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I hav e been a LOYAL & devoted fan of OZZY for many, many years now. & i am fed up to the back teeth with him touring in the U.S.A all the time & sometimes in other parts of the world. But, MOSTLY in the U.S I am from the UK & don`t have the privalage to travel great distances. So, when & if is OZZY ever going to come back to the UK where he started from & do some DECENT CONCERTS here in the UK. But, until then i will consider spreading the word about that he does`nt care about his fans as much as it is so called put about. I am well annoyed by the U.S by this & the touring arrangements which have been like this for some years. I do NOT want any STUPID OR SILLY EXCUSES why he has not been here for sometime. As this is ORIGINALLY is home land. I am well Peed off about all. :-(