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Arizona Darkblade
k all you history buffs, someone on needs an answer about a car that someone said Ozzy used to own. Can anyone help?

Ozzy Osbourne

I need help from Ozzy fans. I've searched long and hard and would like to know - Did Ozzy own a 1980 BMW 320i S? This guy said he owns it- I've seen it. It is black on black. ??? Anyone know? IRNMAN

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Arizona Darkblade I'm surprised Roger Hurd Jr. or Bethan 'Ozzy' Hopkins don't have something to say! >.< No trivia buffs????

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Doug Bridgen A BMW...

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Bethan 'Ozzy' Hopkins i'm afraid i don't know, i know he used to own a couple of rolls royce's and an aston martin once but other than that i don't really know

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Doug Bridgen It's a BMW...The famous episode on The Osbourne's when he was cursing at the computer on the car ...trying to get a radio station it...and

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Arizona Darkblade So, did you log onto using that link and tell the guy?

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Doug Bridgen Nope not yet !!! soon..

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Stephen Knowles he only passed hi test last year,i would like the tractor he used to go down the pub with in the 70s

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Arizona Darkblade lol. the heck with his modes of transport, I want the man himself =0).

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