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" Later, Ozzy is seen with his assistant, Tony. Ozzy wants to know when his BMW that he ordered will arrive. His assistant calls out on it and finds out that the car is still 100 miles away. Ozzy wants them to put the “pedal to the metal,” because he wants it “this [bleeping] afternoon.” In the next scene, a sleek, black BMW pulls up to the house and Ozzy is very happy with the car. He and Tony go for a ride in the car as the BMW person shows it off to Ozzy.

The driver shows off the voice-activated radio, which can be turned on and off with a vocal command and thus no need to fiddle with the controls while driving. Ozzy isn’t sure if the radio will understand his voice, but the driver is sure of it. Unfortunately, Ozzy turns out to be correct, as the computer voice-activated system keeps asking him to repeat his command. Ozzy tells it to “shut the [bleep] up,” but that doesn’t seem to do the trick either. "