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howdie, zazafromjohor and ozzmosiss,

i agree 1000% with you.

for some reason, some, in the USA, believe, OZZY NATION only exists in the USA.

well those of "us" amongst the Commonwealth, are fully aware of Ozzy's roots, and
understand that Ozzy Osbourne was a gift, to the entire Globe from, yes, the UK.

so i wouldn't be too concerned, with the narcisism, that exists among, well some, peoples
of the USA.

in Canada, we are, like, yes! tour the UK et al.

just imagine how we in Canada feel. with new border concerns, i now require a passport to
travel 200km to see Ozzy in the USA, because, yes he does a lot of touring their.
i have no criminal record, zero household debt, but i now require special documents to go see Ozzy,
well, because, he only comes to Canada now,once every 2-3 years, instead of twice per annum.


oh well, i honestly hope Ozzy does an OZZFEST for just the UK for 5 straight years and simply,
ignores North America. i personally would completely understand, as, yes, a North American.

i love Ozzy Osbourne et al., and i am loyal to the Commonwealth :-)

cheers, enjoy the show.

much love from Canada to our brothers and sisters of the Commonwealth.