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I drove almost an hour to get my copy (wanted it the day it was released).

I was so happy to hear tracks of Ozzy with Randy that I never heard before.

A few things I'm disappointed about with the Box Set:

1. Fades on all of the songs (losing the opportunity for even 30 seconds more of Randy)
2. No remixes - just remastered original recordings
3. Not a very long live CD (only 2 songs from Diary of a Madman)

A few things I am interested in as a fan of Randy Rhoads:

1. The entire Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman with Randy Rhoads guitar parts alone (just like the DVD showed Ozzy in the studio listening to them).

2. More live footage with Randy Rhoads. The DVD was mostly what was aired on VH1 Classic (but uncensored).

Overall, thrilled to see and hear ANYTHING new of Randy Rhoads. I'm also happy to pay the money to help support the Ozzy tribe. I just wish I didn't feel ripped off.