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It would be the best if you are able to order the DVDs. They have extras as well.
(I sent you a pm as well)

BTW there is a season 3 and a season 4 as well. All together there were 49 Episodes of the Osbounres and a Christmas special.

Here are the episode titles:
49: A Farewell to Ozz
48: The Show Must Go Off!
47: Lozt in Translation
46: Number One Fan
45: Charity Case
44: 28 Days Later
43: Kelly Interrrupted
42: Hawaii Five Ozz
41: Have Ozz Will Travel
40: Sleepless in Beverly Hills
39: Valentine Daze
38: Ozzy Knows Best
37: Pain in the Neck
36: The Scent of a Woman
35: The English Patient
34: The Accidental Tourist
33: Return of the Ring
32: Rebel Without an Oz
31: Car Jacked
30: The Show Must Go Oz
29: Ozz Well That Ends Well
28: Bye Bye Babies
27: Angler Management
26: A Little Ditty 'Bout Jack and Brienann
25: Tennis Racket
24: Moma I'm Stayin' Home
23: Fists of Fury
22: Run Ozzy Run
21: Flea's a Crowd
20: What a Boy Wants!
19: Viva Ozz-Vegas
18: It's a Hard Knock Life
17: Cleanliness is Next to Ozzyness
16: Meow Means No!
15: Smells Like Teen Spirits
14: The Beauty And The Bert
13: The Ozz Man and the Sea
12: ...Must Come Down.
11: What Goes Up...
10: Dinner With Ozzy
9: No Vagrancy
8: A Very Ozzy Christmas
7: On the Road Again
6: Break a Leg
5: Tour of Duty
4: Hate Thy Neighbor
3: Like Father, Like Daughter
2: Bark at the Moon
1: There Goes the Neighborhood