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It is yet another wet bank holiday sunday here in England. Just had a personal message in, well, I have only just opened it a week late, as I forgot my password!, and due to my inemptitude I have lost the guy who sent it but it ended in _____________ 4tyler, I think. Well the sunday lunch wine is hurtling around the old body.

Unfortunately the Epetition to our glorious political master (?) closed on 5th March 2008, and there were only 29 OZZY FANS who voted. Some leftwing crud managed to get shed loads more.

Technically as I have already listed it became apparent that it was only open to UK residents. Well, if you could prove a UK address (pen friend, holiday, you get the jist) and, or plain .com, should have been enough. Not as though I would encorage anyone to break the law of the land(s). To see the actual blurb on the Epetition site try http// Then scroll down to or put the search in for OZZY.

I can only appolgise for only finding out the info as it would appear TOOOOOO late in the day to master a big campaign. However, the guy who set the petition up should have done the rounds drumming up support prior to sending in the details for the Epettion. No doubt, there will be other oportunities to repeat the exercise if we are all given a greater lead time to mobilize support. So let us be rational with our line of thought, and not like some pre pubicinal idiot ranting and raving. Regretable the people upstairs in political power will only listern to rational thought! But, that is a fact of nature, along with some with their snouts firmly in the trough, or so it would appear here in England.

The EPetition should have included the other three original members of Black Sabath, but should have listed more of Ozzy's Charity work around the world.

So before I go, NO MATTER where YOU live in this big wide world, can YOU start the ball rolling to get OZZY recognised in YOUR Country? Hopefully Ozzy will recognised in more than one country! Yes I have been a fan since 1979, and first saw the master at Birmingham NEC on Talk (Shout) of the Devil Tour.

So long to one and all ..... for now anyway
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