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you have no intelligence,, i never said anything about putting women down ,, im all for equality,, im that old that i supproted the sufforojets when they emerged,,as i said im not putting women down im putting you down for your obvious betrayel to men,, you have stated it in earlier posts,, dont be so vein in your one eyed view of this world ,,if you were any way intelligent , you would know that criminal behavoir comes from a dna build up from family past ,and when estregen levels and testosterrone levels go up or down that will make the havent looked in the mirror and pointed your judgement stick at yourself yet ,obviously,,.. get off your high horse and judge yourself know little if any knowledge....,,i have already judged myself and i see a happy person who has no tolerence for ingrates,, why are you like this,,please explain so i can have a understanding why you are so know im still right the doctor has a cure for what ails you,,you'd be amazed what they can cure these days,,your missing something in your brain,..........and my humour is quite fine ,,your the only one who doesnt get it..lighten up and release that hate and let go, i think ozzy site isnt about hate,,i dont hate you i just think your misguided and a bit lost,,,i have raised my white flag earlier and you obviously didnt see...and earlier why did you flag everybody,,,,,,,,,,,,,,please explain