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"as i said im not putting women down im putting you down for your obvious betrayel to men,, you have stated it in earlier posts" -gimnoid

the only person who has established that take on reality is you gimp. repeating it does not make it fact. it is your opinion, and frankly - with regard to this subject i don't give that any weight. all i can surmise is that antagonism must be being triggered in you for some reason when i'm honest with the pain I've experienced in relation to men. reading that as male bashing says alot about where you probably are in your own journey. have you heard of the 12 steps? [not stairs...the ones that lead to sanity?] are you living as an addict and alcoholic? are you working on your issues (which include mental illness?) do you have domestic violence issues?

i do not have mental illness gimp. i do work on my issues, and have for ten years. i am not finished my journey, but at least i am on one. so if i share how Ozzy helps me with healing - big bloody deal. i'm also touched by Sully Erna and James Hetfield's songs and testimony which reflect recovery. you know, their AA healing / becoming whole (as a woman codependent on addicts) is powerful stuff. reading about and knowing these badass, dynamic, powerful, and sexy men are getting sober and changing their lives rewires my thinking process - and that is a good thing, not a negative dumb@ss.

just do me a favor gimpnoid. don't lay shame on me for my honesty - or try to shut me up by being rude. seriously. get real. the only connection you have to me is that we visit the same website. you are a poster, just like anyone else that visits here.