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oh, really? sweeters!!! i had my palm read at my 8th grade dance an im supposed 2 hav 3 kids! ^^ *ok, sor, im off topic, but i do tat sumtimes* my dad got me into metal and all sorts of music he grew up with. hes like... 38 or 39 *i dunno, ive nvr asked him wut his age is b4* but he had me listen to things like AC/DC, the beastie boys, bon jovie, uhm....and tons more, u no? i kinda discovered Ozzy on my own, though, and im glad i did. in fact, i just found this website today! XD funny, huh?

and wut do u mean... *ur confusin me, dude* wut do u mean that i won b a noob 4 long??? ?.? *confused even more now*