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^^ ur very knowledgable, gimpnoid. i lik u, ur cool! u no, u remind me of a guy i once knew. we dont talk anymor cuz we got into sum deep trouble, but u totally remind me ov him!

hmm....ka die chi, huh....? I'll hafta look tat up! ^^ im always up 2 learning new things, and tats y im such a good student an my teachers luv me! =)

u no....i know you've been through more, but i think i can relate to u sumwut. my life's been going to hell for a long time, u no? one bad things goes and another comes. its lik dominos, u no, gimpnoid? its kinda sad.... i mean, my friends were worried about me for a while cuz sumtin happened and i went into a deppression and hardly evur talked 2 any1 an i kept getitn in2 trouble wit my mom. my life is getting harder and harder, and i hav a heavy feeling that its gonna get severely worse very soon