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FYI, an update to the topic - on Rocks Backpages, I found this article from November 2000.

ARTICLE: Ten questions for Ozzy Osbourne
AUTHOR: Sylvie Simmons, Mojo, November 2000
SUMMARY: Mr John Osbourne on running the marathon, talking to horses, and "drinking the occasional beer".

<b>Sylvie:</b> "What made you stop? When you tried to strangle your wife?"

<b>Ozzy: </b>"No, to be honest with you it stopped working. At one time I was a happy guy when I had a few drinks or dope or whatever, and then I just got miserable and depressed. So I thought, What the f*** am I doing this for?

My biggest addiction these days is exercise. I run every day. I'll probably be next to Jimmy Savile next year running the f***ing marathon!

I only take pills now for clinical reasons, not to get stoned any more. All the stuff I did left me with some neurological problems — I'm a manic depressive, a nutter. Sharon says she'll second that."

So I guess the internet site quoted in the original post is wrong - Ozzy has said himself that he is manic depressive, or bipolar.

I kind of figured that. Reading about Ozzy alot of stuff that he does seem like that. So I guess it is the case.

Just thought I would share, S

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