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it's my understanding there is no overcoming it, just taking the peak off the highs and dips off the lows. and that is often only possible through medications, whether Western meds or through homeopathy.

my girlfriend has a 10 year old son and she was explaining his behaviors to me, as they came out in childhood. she said he suddenly changed, got real paranoid, would sit under the table at school and try to stab kids feet with pencils. would attack them in a huge temper. at other times he would cry and feel completely worthless, not fit for walking the halls of life, often right after being really spastic. then there were times he would be on top of the world, thinking nobody was capable of the things he could do. and not grounded.

it must have been really tough. she has him on medications. and, as he enters his teens, i can imagine it will be harder. sheep, my two sons going through adolescence has been enough to turn my hair gray - cept it's blonde and like my dad it won't turn - but if it could it would. i don't know how she will manage that when his moodiness is so intense. her husband and she are big people, this boy won't be small. that's a scary thing to imagine.