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the onset according to Ozzy was after his divorce from Thelma. from his stories about growing up, it sounds like he was having "Adult Child" issues as a young boy, though i never really hear him drawing that link to his dads addictive, abusive behaviors. he talks about shame, a sense of isolation, PTSD, and psychotic breaks. not unusual given a home steeped in physical abuse and emotional abandonment. then add the sexual abuse by other kids. duh!

maybe things finally blew out in his head given his rapid rise to superstar-dom, the drugs he was doing before during & after the divorce, the Sabbath breakup, his family collapse and guilt about his children, an instantaneous new marriage, and unresolved trauma. alot of stuff to deal with.

that and he mentioned doing LSD daily with Bill i forget for what period but it was a long time. that has to mess with your brain chemistry, you know? :o(