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Here we go:
Any Ozzy
Any Black Sabbath
Fugazi - Marillion - it is meant to be US Army slang for All f***ed up circa Vietnam
Stair Way to Heaven - Ledus Zeppelinus
Symptom of the Universe imeadiateley followed by the Writ - Black Sabbath
Shot in the dark - Ozzy reminds me of the past hahahaha
Breaking the Law - Judas Priest
A Gentlemans Excuse me - Fish (ex-marrillion original front man)
Schools Out - Alice Cooper (Well antthing by the mighty Cooper)
The Oldest Swingewr in Town -
You Lokking at me looking at You - Ozzy
You Said it All - Ozzy
Sharp dressed man - ZZ Top
Velcro fly - ZZ Top
She's got legs - ZZ Top
I love the girl she lives on the hill ... She wont do it .......... but her sister will (Live where possible) - ZZ Top

Number 1