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LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now this is Ozzy 4 ya. Metallica is going on tour as we all know and we do know this. THEY will show up! LOL As Goat says, why bother? Why in the world would anyone (no offense intended to those that are Ozz fans in that area) go to a place like that to see Ozzy and Metallica? As I said, there are some really stupid people in this world so stupid that they would go to a Bush state to see this. Come on. Ozzys setlist will be the same we know this. Put in the DVD!!!!!! I have run into some very retarted people on this Internet this last few days that it is like. Why are they breathing our air? I mean stupid stupid stupid people. OK I vented, I am OK now LOL ................ Good to see you guys are still around.

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