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hello osbournes fans yes i do have seasons 1, 2, 2 1/2, and even season 4 * for last year of 2007 i recently downloaded the osbournes season 3 but in the mean time i was so stupid i forgot to put it on a cd geee silly fool of me* ..... anyways back to the drawing board i recently downloaded Season 3 Episode 1 - The Show Must Go Oz! p.s. it took me like 10 days to download it due to lack of low sources there... i'm really tryin' my best to get the episodes downloaded so i just play the waiting game depends if the sources wanna show up at the door :) i even have an episode of Sharon Osbourne on Shrink Rap with Dr. Pamela Connelly on Channel 4 only reason is i'm not in the U.K. :) so with the 1st episode of The Show Must Go Oz! i recently put it on a cd now so i won't forget... there this one guy on facebook trying to pay me for the season 4 dvd but i'm not like that i hate taking people's money for no apparent reason rather put where the money to your mouth is :) P.S. i recorded the osbournes Season 4 on Satellite to DVD on MTV Canada plus sorry if they block off the censors which some of the people like so .... Peace and Take care xxx p.s. my downloads for the osbournes Season 3 are at 27 % and up some of them are at 0% cause due to low sources one wish for me is i need more sources to finish the downloads xxx andyboy1985