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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...

Ozzy is an incredible song writer, singer, performer and his music is FUN!

I was one of those who, being close to Ozzy's age, heard every bad thing ever said about him and based my ingnorant opinion on those rumors, biases and assumptions. I avoided everything 'Ozzy' for the past thirty years because of the rap he took with negative criticism and hate. Two months ago I couldn't have told you the title of any of his songs or what he looks like! After only two months, I am an now an obsessed fan...

...Why the change of heart??? It is a real fluke. Some people told me I look like Ozzy (maybe at a distance if I have round sunglasses on), so, for an upcoming 'celebrity' costume party, I decided to go as Ozzy. That means, for me anyway, not just a black outfit with a few crosses, but researching his mannerisms, how to speak, walk, what he is about, his philosophy, his music, so I can BE Ozzy for one night. I was not looking forward to this because I was afraid of what I might find out! And what I found was not only a tremendous artist, but a fascinating person.

GO OZZY!!! I know the agony of age and I think Ozzy is doing a phenomenal job! I don't know how he manages to keep his energy so high both on stage and even releasing a whole new album, plus working through all the injuries he has had (drugs and alcohol included)! At our age, they never really go away. Ozzy has had a unique perspective no matter at what point he was in his career--- Crazy??? YES!!! I love that, I relate to it and he can express what most people are afraid to. His music has shown increasing maturity as he has gained more life experience (i.e. gotten older!). I could have gone the rest of my life not knowing anything but the old mass media crap and missed out if I hadn't put the time in to find out for myself what he is really about. He says it best, " You gotta listen to my words".

If you are in the 50+ category, and bought into the mass media bull, then you need to take another look before you get any older!!! I feel deprived, and will do almost anything to get tickets to his current tour.

And P.S. After learning which songs Ozzy did in the past, I found that I had heard many of them and I LIKED them back then, but I did not know who the artist was!!!


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