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New Zealand

My father was a fan of Black Sabbath before I was born.

At age 3 or 4, I often hounded my dad to play his Sabbath albums, particularly Sweet Leaf, because I thought the coughing man during the intro was funny.

OZZY is about the same age as my father. My father died at age 52 (over 10 years ago now) and I inherited his record collection. Most of them I threw away or gave to people, but I kept the Sabbath albums. They remind me of him when I was a kid. Over the years I lost track of them - many of my albums were stolen during the many parties I used to have in New Zealand.

I guess OZZY is somehow a reminder of my father, due to the fact his music was in the house during my childhood... in fact he is probably the only musician within my fathers collection still alive or performing...I mean OZZY outlived half the beatles! They do say only the good die young. Hahaha

I hope OZZY is still around and healthy well into his 80s. That would be a feat indeed.


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