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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... You just must love Ozzy!!

I'm a new fan, only 14 years old, and it all started this summer when I heard "Let me hear you scream" from radio. I loved it (they played it all the time this summer in Radio Rock!) and I always started singing along and jamming around when it came. :) We were at our summer cottage where there's no internet, so I couldn't buy the record, so I just kept listening to radio and "Crusify the dead" from Slahs's solo album over and over again. I saw "I Am Ozzy" in some store and I bought it. It made me laugh many many times.. I didn't actually do anything but read it for the next two days. The next time we were somewhere there's internet I bought Scream and I really loved every song on it and I bought the rest of his albums. And then I heard that Ozzy was coming to Finland again (Ruisrock was gone that time) and I went nuts.. So, I bought 3 tickets for Ozzy's Hartwall Arena's gig immeaditly when I could and was there with my friend on the third line. It was the best day of my life.. I loved even the lining up. :)

AND.. Sorry for my horrible English! :P

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I Don't Know (Live with Randy Rhoads)
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Ozzy Osbourne
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Don't ask me
I don't know!

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