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In the world of metal, OZZY IS.
The first Ozzy song that I ever came across was Over the Mountain, I fell in love with it, listening to it over and over. There was only one problem with that..... It wasn't the original, it was a remake by Mark Slaughter, the lead vocals and the push behind the band Slaughter. That didn't bother me though, I had no idea who this man named Ozzy was and frankly why I should care. Days passed and I became more interested in who's lyrics I was really listening to. I slowly started previewing to this new and outgoing artist. I started with a little Crazy Train, working my way into the Bark at the Moons, and ending up somewhere near Black Rain; it was a journey worth while. Ozzy's music gave me that feeling that comes around when you just hear that perfect song.
I had done a good number of searces on the internet to retrieve that music I fell in love with. I stumbled upon tracks like Waiting For Darkness, Shot in the Dark, and Breakin' All The Rules, which I am currently listening to now as I type this. Once I realized that the majority of my music searches were somehow revolving around Ozzy and his music, and that I was slowly accumulating a good number of his cds and records, I decided to buy every one of Ozzy's studio albums in the next month or two. And I did.
Thats where I stand today, sitting in my dark corner, typing into my little rectangular box, asking myself why Im a fan while listening to Diary of a Madman. The only two visible objects being my computer screen, and the shadow of a head beating back and forth.

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Breakin All The Rules
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Ozzy Osbourne
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Well I know that you would love to go to heaven
But you know that you're just too afraid to die
And I know that you would love to know the answers
But to you the truth is just another lie

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