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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...Ozzy is, from a womans perspective, simply the most beautiful and talented man in rock and roll / metal. He always has been, and grows more so with age. He tops my list of extremely polished musicians.

I fell in love with Ozzy and Black Sabbath back in the 70's. I've never seen any other performer with his degree of intense joy in the excitement of his fans. When he left Sabbath, I'm sorry, but the band just never was the same without him. Ozzy was the jewel in the setting. For that time in history, we all got to experience unbelievably awesome and ground-breaking sound coupled with Ozzy's unique vocals and lyrics. It was icing, his performance charisma and charm. The man is magical, and magnificent :).

From the 80's to today ~ Ozzy continues to rock, even way back when showing everyone that the passion and music in his soul isn't just a reflection or tangent of anothers magic. It is his own. Today the body of awesome songs he's written and sang for us all stands on it's own merit.

Ozzy seems so intense, but down to earth and likeable at the same time. He's the dark man with this heart of gold. His dimples and that silly smile of his (the one that breaks out despite himself) are classic. From afar, Ozzy just does and always has blown me away. He is just so F*CKING BEAUTIFUL. Whew...got that out of my system.

What grace we have that such a man walks the halls of our lifetime. How lucky Sharon and his children are to share his inner circle.


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