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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...Its not bad to follow a rock and roll legend like this Lifetime Award Achiever. How many have been given this incredible award for their lifetime devotion to what they love and share with us all. I am a fan because of the most incredible sound I ever heard came out of his studio and that sound turned me on to rock and roll in the eighties. I am a fan because I have amazing taste in music and many of us do. Thats what I like about OZZY. Its a household name and all the s*** he pulled made him famous. I cant believe some of the things I hear sometimes but hey man, you got to take the whole package or you wont make the whole grade. OZZY has made the grade and has inadvertently raised the bar so f***ing high that no one else has even been close. I am a fan because the truness of music lives inside of him and he shares it so well. Thanks OZ.


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