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About two years ago I began to receive guitar lessons, one of the earliest riffs he gave me was one I'd never heard before called "Crazy Train Intro". He referred to it as the "Ozzy Thing". I looked up the song on Youtube and was amazed, I'd never listened to music a lot before, except when my dad put on some of his operas. I looked around at the other Metal bands my friends listened to, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath in particular. But none of them were as good as Ozzy Osbourne.
My favorite Ozzy songs remains Crazy Train, and in terms of best songs ever, it's rivaled only by Hold the Heathen Hammer High and Land, both by underground Viking metal band Týr. But Ozzy Osbourne remains my all time favorite musician with his newest album Scream, which I see (or hear) as his best album since Blizzard.
I also am a huge fan of Black Sabbath (original) and am glad to have a friend who owns a copy of some of their best songs from the 70's. Though I'm sad they fired him, I'm also glad, because it got him where he is today!
So I really hope that Ozzy will choose to include Dallas or Fort Worth Texas in his US tour, and I hope I can get tickets before the evil scalpers do, like what happened last year with Metallica. It would be a dream come true to see Ozzy live just once before he retires, and if allowed to have a conversation with five historical figures from any time period, Ozzy would be on that list!

Long Live Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads!


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