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I discovered Ozzy Osbourne at a young age. My mother died when I was 8 years-old, and there was a custody battle. A few months before my 9th birthday, I watched the film "Little Nicky" which featured Ozzy biting a bat's head off. I thought that was cool and asked who he was which led me to asking for one of his cd's for my b-day. I guess I was looking for something darker at the time because my life became dark. I was going through dark times, and stayed in dark times for years. For my 9th b-day, I received "The Ozzman Cometh." Since then, Ozzy is my favorite artist of all time. I was obsessed: The music, The antics, The rumors, The image, etc. I loved it. His music helped me through hard times and made me wanna start making music myself. And for that, I'll always have a special connection with Ozzy Osbourne's music. Now I'm 18 years-old and still rockin' 'n' rollin'.


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