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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...I have been listening to ozzy since the debut of master of reality and that was 40 years ago, back then as i wached the green warner brothers record go round and round to my then 9 or ten year old ears i knew that was the real f***ing deal...our parents hated the more we played it!! as time went by as other great artists and influences ozzy osborne never let us fans down with great music ,and when blizzard of ozz debuted i couldnt belive my ears ..last week saturday feb 5 th at the tacoma dome in washington state i saw ozzy perform for the first was like meeting my long lost loved eccentric uncle for the first time..i have seen many many rock shows in my life of almost 48 years but nothing and i mean nothing compared to his performance ,his charm and scence of love/care for his beloved fans and his humour if this isnt enough..let me introduce you to his band.....these guys are heavy as heavy metal will ever get the band was the hardest most brilliant powerful energy i have ever heared or felt, the drummer is a f***ing animal and is up there in my book with led zeppelins john henry bonham<rip> the lead guitarist is no slouch either...a guitar hero? how about a guitar god...i will never forget the tacoma dome and the new scream release is very very outstanding I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...what are you f***ing stupid? listen to the mans music.


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