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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...When I was 8 years old I went into my older brother's room when he was supposed to be at school. He was skipping school as usual but I didn't know that. Took out his Black Sabbath album(still in the cellophane as he never let anybody touch his albums and always kept them wrapped), put the album on very carefully (only touching the edges), placed the needle down, put the snuggly "huge" earphones on (that I still love-hugging one's ears), and listened to "Black Sabbath" ! It began to pour outside ! It was nuts ! "What is this that stands before ME..." I got so scared I sat on his bed and didn't know what was more frightening - the song or my brother coming in to discover that I had f***ed around with his albums ! I sat and listened..and listened..and listened until my Mom opened the door and helped ME get everything back as not to get Johnny upset ! I was f***in' hooked after that ! As a result, my nineteen year daughter has the name of "Sabeth(pronounced Sabbath) Black"! Yeah for real ! Ozzy's as strange to some people as the "white picket fence" people are to ME !! He's an average nut ball that dared to do f***ed up things when he was f***ed up at a time when society needed it ! And it obviously made an impact and obviously still carries on ! Thank The Lord ! Sharon's a wonderful woman also ! Last year our family cremated my BEST FRIEND - My Brother.. who introduced me to Ozzy and I think "See You On The Other Side" must be my favorite song since ! My birthday is 12/4/70 - Ozzy's 12/3 - and Johnny's 1/8 ! Close !


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