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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...Ozzy is unique he created heavy rock his music his awsome and you can f***ing understand it not like some Rock singers which sound like a couple of strangled cats.He has never lost his Birmingham accent thankgod.When he sings he sends shivers down your spine.I met Ozzy June 26th when he promoted his latest album scream at HMV Birmingham UK and he is just the nicest guy it was a honour and privelege to actually meet him in person.I then attended a gig at Birmingham TownHall and when he came on stage the crowd went wild and cos we had wristbands on we were standing which made the event more personal i stood near to one of the speakers and had a good view of Ozzy,his energy just lit up the place he was jumping about and had everyone clapping our hands singing and headbanging it was awsome then if it went a bit quiet he would say 'I can't f***ing hear you '. Legend!!.Sharon was there and she was sitting above the other speaker and Ozzy being Ozzy got a bucket of water and tried to chuck it over her narrowly missing the speaker it was funny although it wouldn't of been if the speaker had blown up ha ha.That is Ozzy for you he is just naturally funny.He sung all his classic tracks including scream an Awsome Day! an Awsome Day!.Just to sum this up the world would be a very very Sad! place without him,ThankGod for Ozzy!!! Love ya x

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Crazy Train
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Ozzy Osbourne
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i'm going off the rails on this crazy train

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