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I'm a massive fan because...Ozzy (or Sir Ozzy Osbourne as he WILL be known in the next 10 years) is simply THE greatest and most talented rock influence ever known EVER. He has, in his years with Sabbath and solo, left an undeniably huge mark on the music world; setting standards by being creative and different and inspiring countless artists like Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden to name a few, to take to the stage and rock their hearts out. Without Ozzy there would be NO hard rock, NO metal and all we'd be left with is some monstrosity resembling the Beatles in 2007 (not that theres anything wrong with the beatles exactly i love em but they just havn't got the passion, the darkness and the 'f*** you' attitude that makes Ozzy so incredible!)
Aswell as affecting the wider scheme of things he has touched me greatly on a personal level. Two years ago I was angry, alone, depressed and felt like no-one in the world could understand me. Then by sheer chance (it was fate, it must have been but i wont go into details) i ended up listening to my first track, 'Paranoid' f*** it was like something switched on in my head-what the HELL is this powerful s***!!! the moment i heard his voice that was it---hooked for life! It was magic and i practically ran into town to get 'The Essential Ozzy...' (i now own everything he's ever released!) and thats when my outlook life changed. i'll never forget what he's given me-the spirit and passion to survive adolecence and the rest of my life, he's the guardian demon sitting on my shoulder if you will! Gawd dammit he's awesome!
I love you Ozzy, long may you rock. The world needs you!

Favorite lyric

Song Title
Can't Kill Rock n Roll
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Ozzy Osbourne (duh!)
Lyric Content

Leave me alone dont want your promises no more.
Cos rock n roll is my religion and my law.
Won't ever change, may think it's strange.
You can't kill rock n roll, it's here to stay.......

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