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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... Ozzy rocks. I think he is the father of Metal. I heard him first as a child when my Uncle was playing guitar. Sometime around 7 years old. They only played OZZY later on , on WSOU college radio in NJ. My friend said I was crazy at age 12...Y...because I liked and listened to head music sober...buzzed too. But I could relate and agreed understood what he was talking about. His voice was comforting to me. I loved metal guitars, drums , everything. I have been hooked since. I was hooked at an early age. It isn't easy to write poems or lyrics. I attribute my abilities to write poems as well because of him. Every night I would put Ozzy and the headphones on and eventually fall asleep. All my poems rhyme too. His Sharon was right when she said at one time " He was wasting his talent". I'm glad he made it, and he is my music hero. I expressed alot through Ozzy. He helped me too. Now he knows it. I am sure alot of others as well. Thanks 8^*

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Happiness I can not feel and Love to me is so unreal

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