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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... Ozzy, albeit formerly persecuted, is awesome. He's just himself and doesn't really get why people are f***ed up. Not that he's one to talk but I mean its sort of enlightening to see someone whose come through alot realize how he's grown and what others are still like. You can't help but be proud of someone like that. You have to cheer for him. ;) Its like they say, every dog has his day? Well every time someone counts Ozzy out he bounces back and surprises us all. Sort of like The Undertaker in WWE. Ozzy just sits right up again. And you gotta wonder where he gets it from to keep going. That's just him though. Smiling through it all. :D And that, to me, is encouraging to see! <3 Its like a guilty pleasure to see how well he's doing at being the prince of darkness all the time.


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