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Ozzy was my first real crush as a teenager... but that's not the reason I have remained such a loyal fan.

The fact is that Ozzy's music is so unique and always defies time and trends.
I honestly never listen to any of the other bands that I loved around the same time that I started to love Ozzy..

Only Ozzy has been a constant source of musical enjoyment for me unfailingly since I was 13.

He has a timeless, ageless quality and his genius and originality shines through brighter each year that passes.

Gods Bless Ozzy!

He has a beautiful child-like Soul!

...and he always makes me smile!

Favorite lyric

Song Title
Fire In the Sky
Attributed Artist
Ozzy Osbourne
Lyric Content

"The introduction to his heartache began as a child
So it's no wonder that he grew up to be so wild
So he protected his feelings in walls he imagined
But castles crumble exposing the frightened child"

"Fire in the sky
Won't you help me now my castles are burning"

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Three Rivers
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