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symptoms of the universe
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ozzy zozo
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fathers of the ancients take me from my stoleden tomb andoni koom rahab novas ordo vaim gibroraim draco ahirm abbif? i invoke thee 3+3/3+3/3+3 += tri angle fraction of the eye of rahab lucifer? 6 6 6 luna crongressus solis sigil leo draco the eagle orion ishi bali the 3rd king of tyre ? levithian ? who who who ? bailsico unum? jaboul bali sons of light? i ra came? hazo hazo tinis? king arthur table ? platnium reflexion? look to the east or berytus? blue and purple? she the night creature? the owl or jackle inubis ? or incubis enumerated your stone and he sealed up the sum? who? hood wink? i light the of the dragon! iam unum with the glisting unum shin shin tau etc.! your red and gold flag is burning in the phycy and vison andt the deam and mead drink of the welch flag the dragon leads the way? wolrd!


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