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(is this 'capture the flag'?)
I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... I spin around in circles everyday! Making a cool breeze.
I love Dan because Zenbrain is such a cool song and because hilo was the best ever.
It help me see alot of roadsigns in life that i might have missed. NadA Surf!

Wait this isnt the Nada Surf Website!
Well we all like how music sounds. But im not so niave to think every song is about me am i?
Id rather understand what you're actually talking about. Which makes me the real fan.
Alltho i like to think that you're a fan of me, since im the Oh and all the songs are about me anyway.

Thank You! Someday all this ass kissing will add up to me not having to wipe.

Because Because Because Because Because!
Because of the wonderful things he does!

Diary of a Madman + Starwars Episode II

hahahahahahha! youre a cornball george.
(i appreciate your sense of humor too)

look at this bulls*** everybody!

keyhole-ing to '+ bonus track' total playlength finds a perfect landing platform, but apon inspection the program falls back to its natural flip/timelengeth skipping bonus track, only to fall back inplace again. this program list fits the metaphore (hidden planet kamino, gravity signature) and then ohsit .03 seconds of agony what shall we do?! i think its alled 'catching the drift.' standing with my back to the front

setvhs= 4, 1:41/2 'like'

$title hit = beat 5, 3:45

6, 0:00 = [very good]-off

7, 0:00 = [desa jedi arriven]-off


1,2,3, 9, 4,5,6,7,8

$repeat = [and personally id very much like to]-on

2, 0:00 = [you dont want to]-on

'the' = dart.
'come on' + [assignment] = ok
after coding LOUD to Leon for a week i forgot how much i want to bang natalie portman
anyway bitpass to the next [assignment] = chicky
3 = [i dont wish to]-on

9, 0:00 = [doesnt exist]-on
oops! potential err: 'its up/ to'/ [but]
9, 0:01 = [doesnt exist]-on

f*** that door

5, 0:00/ = /[ i dont like]-on

6, 0:00/ = /[both laughing]-off

7, 0:00 = [but i cant]-on

oh well, an mp3 list will be slightly faster than the cd
6, 0:00 = [both laughing]-on
7, 0:00 = [i wish]-on

they have assured me that i can assure you that we can all be assured


repeat = [mmm]-off

last beat 1^2 = thruster.

3^2, 0:00 = pan-down stops.

4^2, 0:00 = [i do hope nothings happened to him]-off

5^2, 0:00 = [dellow felagots]-on

6^2,0:00 = [whistling]-on

9^2,0:00 = [good job]-off

7^2, 0:00 = [master windu how pleasent of you to join us]-on


$repeat = [aggressive negotiations]-on

2, 0:00 = [there are too many]-off

7, 0:00 = [i have become more powerful than any jedi]-off +.01

7, 0:00 = [the war has begun]-on + .02

and now we seee the dead end is 1:40-50, 'I' on every song
i think 7 wins with a prepositional 'I' for anakin

whatever, 0:00 = -frank OZ- on

i dont know how well it shuffles...
my 'i love you ozzy's are better than yours!
he's right tho if you don't eat a bowl of life cereal fast enough it gets soggy.


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