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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... simply put, Ozzy is the God of Metal! I have been listening to his epic music and watching every one of his kick ass videos since I was 18 and I have grown to love Ozzy as much as a kid loves his "Imaginary friend" lol. Ozzy and his songs represent everything that I believe in life and "gets me through" every day in this "crazy train" of life, ;P. Every one of his songs has a deep and meaningful message and he comes straight out with it in his superbly written lyrics. Just listening to his music is like "sex to my ears" lol. As for the Ozzman himself, he is my no.1 idol and is really just a genuine "down to Earth" guy who just, like every one of us, wants to have a good time and go "f***ING CRAAAAZY!!!". Ozzy and his songs will go down in history as one of Metal's GREATEST and he will always be a major part of my life through song and spirit. All that is left to say now is Ozzy Osbourne, Godfather of Metal, Prince of f***ING Darkness and living Legend, keep on rocking and I will never stop listening. LONG LIVE OZZY!!! ~ OzzyWylde83

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Flying High Again
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Ozzy Osbourne
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"I can see through mountains watch me disappear, I can even touch the sky. Swallowing colours of the sounds I hear, am I just a crazy guy? YOU BET!"

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