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I'm a fan of Ozzy because he really cares about his fans. I don't remember any artist performing with walking pneumonia instead of canceling the show. While his image is the prince of darkness I believe there is more to Ozzy than just the madman we all know and love. He has always tried to be the most open and honest individual when expressing his thoughts and emotions through his music. Now a legend in his own time, he has proven time and time again that he is at the top of his game and can still get the audience excited about Rock n' Roll. Elvis might be the King of Rock n' Roll but Ozzy is the King Of Heavy Metal. Long Live OZZY!!

Favorite lyric

Song Title
Diary Of A Madman
Attributed Artist
Ozzy Osbourne
Lyric Content

A sickened mind and spirit
The mirror tells me lies
Could I mistake myself for someone
Who lives behind my eyes
Will he escape my soul
Or will he live in me
Is he tryin' to get out or tryin' to enter me

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