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<em>When the subject of Ozzy & his career come up my conversations with people can actually go on for hours. It is just something I am really passionate about, and there is probably not one singular reason for it alone, but instead many, many valid reasons why I appreciate Ozzy Osbourne and his now forty year old career at making heavy music.

Ozzy was first introduced to me by a neighbor of mine via the paranoid album; Kevin was more like an older brother to me and often my guru of all things that revolved around being quote, unquote, cool as hell.

<a href="">War Pigs</a> was the first song I ever heard, and the first time I heard Ozzy’s voice. Instantaneously I went down that rabbit hole and never, ever looked back. I mean how could you, why would you ever look back or question the plunge. I mean one simple introduction to that voice and you were hooked I think, at least I was and as happy as a pig in s*** because of it too.

Many critics disgruntle fans or simply not fans at all have alleged Ozzy is only a mediocre vocalist, and that he doesn’t contribute creatively, this includes his tenure with Sabbath as well as his solo career. It also has been declared on the World Wide Web that Ozzy is daft or slow in the head somehow, and that he is only a marionette of those who work his strings so ingeniously, most notable mentioned puppet master is his wife Sharon, as well the kids have been accused of pulling a string or two.

Personally I have never seen Ozzy in that light, in fact quit the opposite really. To me Ozzy has always been a source of inspiration, someone I easily identified with, and because I could do so his songs took on real meaning for me. I loved his talent for lyrics, and the way he placed his vocals to the music, I never picked up on anything other than Ozzy was strong and secure in what he was doing. Some want to say other wise, but they must be daft or completely illiterate, because there has been many an interview as well as many people who have worked along side of him that have contested the notion that Ozzy doesn't do anything other than just sing.

As an adolescent I was inspired because Ozzy spoke of his anger and his hostilities with the world and the condition it was in, and if that didn’t strike a chord then there was always his challenging of the establishment. By the time I had reached adulthood I had watched Ozzy develop into a guy who not only possessed a somewhat sinister side to himself, but also a guy who had heart and soul, and now could write about a multitude of different subjects, painting images in my mind with the canvas being his use of metaphors, & his brush & its many colors his unique vocal styling.

Ozzy was more than just some poor kid from Birmingham England that got lucky with a local band and found himself some stardom; he was now aligned with one of the greatest guitar players of all time, a team that would forever change the way hard rock albums were to be perceived or made. This team was known as <a href="">Osbourne & Rhoades</a>

The thing is I don’t think you have to have been born in the same conditions, or share the same afflictions as Ozzy Osbourne in order to enjoy or relate with Osbourne's music. Whether you come from a rich background or a poor one, whether you’re a scholar or a high school drop out, popular or not popular, Ozzy & his music remains exactly the same in the fact that it has something there for everybody to identify with!

In closing Ozzy is not just a singer, not just another rock star, he is a true friend. And like a true friend he has been there when he wasn’t even aware of it. All the while he & his music kept kicking me in the seat of my pants letting me know that I wasn’t alone in all my fears & frustrations with the world. Ozzy also sold me on believing in the dream, no matter what the dream may be if you believe in yourself enough and if you live each day for it, that your adversity would often allow you the privilege of seeing those dreams come true...

Ozzy set the level for integrity, skill and showmanship, and all bands I measure up to him and what he has done. if it isn't sabbath or Ozzy worthy then it simply isn't worth my time.

Ozzy I know doesn’t have a picture of me up on his living room wall, nor does he come over to my house on thanksgiving, and even though all that is the truth of the matter, I still consider Ozzy a part of my family & a very welcomed friend!

Thanks Ozzy, the ride all these many years has been a f***in’ blast my friend!</em>




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