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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...If you don't like Ozzy and you think you're a head banger, you might as well go grab some of that crap they call rock and roll today, or maybe a Boy George CD. How could you not like the man who showed them all how to rock, set the stage in the early 70's for all who wanted to be the man? Think about all those other bands that came along and left, or the one that had to come back in the 80's with more punch, a new sound, and a new look. Don't get me wrong, there were some good bands. But let's face it - when he started he stayed, and is still making that sound that I and a whole lotta others still turn up the blasters and piss the neighbors off with - and the rest of the damn neighborhood too. Yes, that's right, 42 years old and I piss Buddy off (aka cops). Gotten my fair share of tickets and, hell, they got tired of handing them out. I was born to be a head banger, have been a head banger, still am a head banger. Don't tell me it's too loud because I always leave just a little extra for the people who b****. As one man found out. Hell, I'm pulling up to a gas station's front door, this ass is pumping gas, and what the hell does he yell? "Turn that s*** down!" s***!?! My ass!! I'm listening to "Bark at the Moon." That's not s***. So, I open my door back up, rolled down all my windows, then gave it all she had ... and walked inside. You don't like how loud it is, you're better off to keep your mouth shut. If it is any band Ozzy had anything to with, "s***" better not come out of you mouth. I'll blow the damn things right up just to piss you off. But seriously people, the man is the Godfather of Acid Rock, the Founder of Heavy Metal, the pace setter for all who think they have what it takes. But to stand on the stage with OZZY you better not come half ass. He was then, and still is, the man to beat. WHO WANT'S SOME!?! He's got more than you can handle. My son is 19 years of age and he's listening to that rap crap. But I loooooved Ozzy so much that when my son was still in the womb I took my Pioneer GS 201 and held the speaker to his mom's stomach. NO I didn't blast the little man right out of there but it always calmed him down. His mom didn't take care of him his first year of life, I did, and we would listen to Ozzy all day. Now the only rock he listens to is OZZY. Tell ya, that makes me damn proud. If you love Ozzy like I do then hell yeh for you, if you don't you can go get screwed. Hale to Ozzy for all the years of great music and memories you gave to us all. Long live OZZY, HIS QUEEN, AND CHILDREN. GOD BLESS ... TRUELY AND SINCERELY, WINGATE
P.S. I still even have my "Bark at the Moon" tapestry from that concert!!! The X got all my concert shirts. Can you sue for concert shirts??? LOL


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