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Gets Me Through


Ozzie, What do you truly represent yourself to us? As the devil or a Christian trying to tell us something? When I read your lyrics, you seem to give a message, and it is a good message! I have battled with myself and others about this. I believe, when I read your lyrics, that you are giving a positive message; Please tell me this is true, because I do love your music and wish the best for you and your family. Please reply.
Love ya and God Bless,


resuming as usual :)

f*** you arrogant mundanes
You cross me now I will resume as usual.

Who the f*** ain't sin based, it's proven in every major religion of earth!

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f*** you arrogant mundanes

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I'm pure EVIL...you ready to try and burn it out throughe my HOT ass?

Hey Satan would love you like a son, Ozzy, if I could explain what ineptitude INchilada crowed has at getting me hot to party.

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Hey Everyone!!!

The groupies in this music video arn't paper dolls you masturbate in while they feel nothing but impressed with stage lighting ect.

they actually have fun too :)

Hey Everyone!!!

if I got a job as a janitor at "Epic Records" and whined around at how I could never be a cool musician there, would you at least let me work as more than lolita the sherbert float of kinky dumb s***?