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Let It Die


yes the song let it die is awsome

Hello I am HERE not underwear there :)

I am the regal Jester Asatru of Freya's insult

f*** you.

My retinue in Russian transport crisis lock is all the blood of my children by Vlad.

"rape steal and murder, god bless the almighty dollar" :)

--Ozzy "black rain" album

HEY!!! richie maintenece society of female slave trade barter, do you have stock assesments for variouse age ranges of females sorted out yet? I reccomend a basic three dividend rank for levels of erotic function.

in general the dividends could be accrued if you be sure to merit thier visual salvage for imagry in art collecting and once thier dead from your rape fetishes you could then collect a tax write off :)

Odin oh glory of Vallhalla pride
Come stand beside us, our honor to guide
Oh master warrior, oh Guardian Mage
Come to invoke here a furhers dark rage
Come by battallion, come by the seas
An army of stars in the greatness that be!!!

Oh by the northern, let's set sail and be
Onward and upward, in his majesty
Oh by the high throne, where rests his great bride
Oh by the glory, a Vallhalla ride!!!

Take up your rune staffs, take up your seals
Come ALL great Valkyries scatter afield!!!

f*** you mundanes

hellman696@yahoo.com ozzy is the best ive seen in all my years ive been listening to him for 39 years and he still is the best ive ever seen and ive seen alot since preist purple grandfunk mott the hoople jhonny and egar winter and all the wanta bees ozzy is my god someday i wish to meet him just to shake hands and say hi and i love the music he has done for us theres only one god keep rocking hellman696@yahoo.com /ricc

Death kiss..hmm..Does that have something to do with what happens when Sharon gets a hold of you?

f*** you mundanes

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