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No More Tears


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Love U OZZY, U are truly a Legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, but I am very computer illiterate! The lyrics of most of your songs actually are positive, for the new generation to carry on, I understand this. But, I don't understand this upside down cross!! Are you a Christian, or another one of those Satanists"? Please respond! I would like to think that you are sending a POSITIVE message to the people who will carry on after us! I have a lot of faith in you and what you are trying to say. These young people are looking for direction and I know that you can steer them in the right direction. Please respond.
Sincerely, Gabrielle

Hey Ozzy,
What is this video, "No More Tears" really about? Please respond.
Love you and your family,

f*** I havn't been able to post here for ages!!!!

f***ED UP s***, totally :)

I may have my safe and well hidden house b****ed in enoughe so I can live there safely now!!!!

love you Ozzy :)


HD Nightcore "god is a girl" on you tube

GREAT TECHNO SONG!!!:) (I am now saved!)

missionaries unite!

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magical butterfly:)

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