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No More Tears


hey if anyone wants to help hold a black mass to find me ozzy's ass the feast would be a goblet of absinth and a stolen holy waifer desecrated in pigs blood at this point!!!

he he

HEY!!! f*** nut twit gothZ!!!!

I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH OZZY OSBOURNE not your insipid little alter to yourselves!!!

hey OZman!!! if you ever see this pathetic little fan s***:
I have some real good black sabbath influenced russian folk like death rock music I've written and I would love to try out for OZ fest!!!

Russian folk music is like ominouse war stuff but with kind've a fiesty edge to it. I write the notes and the lyrics. (baseline notes as I call it because the guitar has to go abstract)

There is a f***ing lunatic I call imp running around the streets in giant piles of hats and junk on his head if you want to drop me a note through him :) (that isn't a joke my life is f***ing insane right now)


f*** you mundanes

Hey Ozzy I just writhed and incanted all over the place to your song "Wizard' can I summon you from hell all the way up my witchy skirt?


hey Ozzy I'm WAAAAY OUT!!! yeah I had to sing hare krishna to EVER be able to wear my swimsuite on venice beach!!!


f*** you mundanes

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