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No More Tears


Viet Perv Nam

the epic poem

Once opon a shining star
Of tender dreams
And high romance
The mad ballad maiden
Of metal and blood
Set out on her journey
To the dream land of the prince of darkness

Her voyage swift
And prayed in poesery
All was to be
of sun and mirth!
For woe how dark her past had been

The rockers would shower her with kisses on the beach
Wine would be spilled
And her dark tale declared!!!


When first stepped to this land
Oh woe
The fiend, the actor smelled her beauty sweet
Oh WOE!@!

He set the madmen at her heels
For conquest of hell
For torment so sickly mad
Jack the Ripper made to wince

Viet Perv Nam

Much like the bloody war of terror
So terror struck her soul
A wretch of the streets for months on end
All was to be souless vomit
Piercing through her loins

The rockers wept! went mad! spilled blood!
But all was to no avail
The fiends had sipped the many poisons of Satan
They had no mind
Only the drive to destroy
And not even with a dagger to the gullet

Oh NO!!!

Twas prostitution, plastic surgey, souless music
And nazi trophy ravagement HAG!!!

The days tolled on
Like ominouse church bell
For funeral pyre
For she was verged
To slash her rosey throat
As last resort
To escape thier perverted claws!!!


The price of Darkness
Hissing cursedness
The rockers blood stained and half dead
Fiend corpses litter strange corners
Of a million.

Twilight emerges,
Crawling from the wretchedness of constant near torture death
I emerge to an ominouse sea
Eat thier souls Madame Pele!!!
Eat them all in the bowels of moltent HELL!!!


P.S. Of course this isn't going into metal music now that I finally mad it to the beach I'm just going to bend over and suck Sick Hitlers dick like I should :)

Bon fire ablaze in radiant heat
Shadows catching magic snaring
Come alight to dance with me my prince!

Spilling crimson wine on porcelian satin skin
Caressing in rythm the dance shall carry on
Fire sprites and kisses

Come ablaze! Come light my fire!!