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No More Tears


Prince of Darkness
Oh how gothic you are
Large as hungry vampire
Pale as exotic silk raw from the Orient

Wild as the madman
Jack the Ripper against fiend
Somber as the Anti-Christ
As you...

Oh the dark cloud you spread
Great shadows of realization
From your music, from your soul!

Oh gothic Prince of Darkness
How I crave to bathe in your otherworld of dark majic
How I dream to know the shadows with you.

Secret web
Of diabolique
Oh the horrors I have survived!

Still pure in spirit
By Goddess some romance still lives

But dark, oh so dark.

My Gothic Bride of Death Gown

Lavish with the macabre of art
Black with potent hair dye of dark honor

My bride of death gown
Black Sabbath
To dance as a witch with you
My Prince of Darkness

Soft kisses on my shoulder
As we sway to the shadows
Slow and sweet
So romantic!

So dark.

United States