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No More Tears


f*** you mundanes :)

f*** you jackass :)

f*** you mundanes

f*** you mundanes

Hey everyone I just "summoned" a black leather pentacled corset from a steam punk site on-line witch you all might as well be :)

--Amaliya Dawn Cross


I am NOT of the Vatican but of the Danish here be

"f*** the Queen!...we heard. Alas the c**kney Jumble Spill let us witch out for our thrill!!!""

HEY HEY sirrah and day!!!

when the moon comes you all run away!!!

sip up whine instead of mead

where will you run and how will you feed!!!?

oh lady of the moon I'm the lady of the moon
Flutter throughe shadow thoughts gently to a swoon

Oh honeyed rhyme and endless time

all is a victory we must climb!!!

sirrah sirrah oh what I saw?

Here come the HEL with a taloned claw!!!

thats what Ozzy BE!!! wheeeeeeee....

Loki's bride is stalking me

And sensible Sharon saviour is thier queen!!

All the herd of mad lady!!!

I'm indecent, all come chase me!!!

I'm a little white full bosomed drunkin made
giggleing a-flitter in my own little parade
I am of the mead so honeyed so!!!
Golden with the cheer of our warriors sow!!!

sirrah!! pretty me!!!
come-come closer dear bride of HE.

f*** you mundanes by my glory of all perfection

f*** you mundanes by my glory of all perfection