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Ozzy Osbourne "I Don't Wanna Stop" (Video)



The beast with seven heads and ten horns is a metaphor for hand magery. The "heads" are the seven deadly sins and the ten "horns" are the goat drive to send powers forth, throughe the fingers.

The Whore Of Babylon is a successfull wizadress shifting into the entire filth of a city because of female power overflowing faggot's mind to blame all of society for deviouse lusts.

The other monsters on parade are a failure to this from of wizadry, all mutilated by self failure deliberate.

The apocalyptic horesemen are a repeat process of disease, bio warfare, terrorist threat and death itself.

The shrieking angels are failing thus the prophecy becomes more scroll and number oriented as the heavens desperatly try to snitch thier way out of thier creations nature, sin.

The glass ocean and the entire "final kingdom" are a great entropic delusion of the general hatred god faggot (the jesus) has for creatrix, Siva's shakti.

In general the basic fear most people have for that scroll, revelations, is thier inccessant ineptitude of thier own self destruction they willingly become zealiously mentally ill twords any "Saviour" figure to take care of them.

You may only help yourself in this world.


I might be getting close to you Ozzy :)

I want you Ozzy

I want you Ozzy

I want you Ozzy

I want you Ozzy

e tambem quero dizer a você ozzy que você é meu idolo

i dont wanna stop e uma das minhas músicas preferidas

As usual you rock the world to hell in gothic coolness!!!

--hottie fan girl ;)