“The Osbournes Podcast”: Iconic Family Returns To Entertain In An Unfiltered, Audio-Visual Adventure

The Osbournes Podcast

Who: It is no secret – the Osbournes are the OG family of reality TV! Now they are back together and teaming up to bring you a wild, unfiltered podcast exploring Emmy-winning memories, captivating tales, unfiltered authenticity, and the chaotic charm that defines their extraordinary lives. All aboard the Crazy Train…it’s time to roll!

What: Beginning September 12th, the Osbournes will launch an unprecedented podcast journey that offers both video and audio versions. Envision an invitation to the Osbournes’ spirited living room where discussions range from their Emmy-winning memories and Hollywood escapades to a spectrum of topics encompassing pop culture, current events, and intriguing histories spanning crime, music, film, and more. Each episode, filled with the family’s trademark humor and honesty, is further enriched with occasional guest appearances, reflecting the diverse and demanding careers each member is actively involved in.

When: Beginning Tuesday, September 12th, enthusiasts can anticipate weekly episodes, offering an unparalleled insight into the Osbourne universe, for a total of 20 episodes.

Where: Visual aficionados can access the video podcast on YouTube and Rumble at @TheOsbournesPodcast. Audio enthusiasts can listen on any podcast player, including Apple, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher.

Why: In an era dominated by polished facades, the Osbournes stand out with their commitment to raw, genuine storytelling. This podcast is a testament to their enduring appeal and an invitation to delve deeper into their shared and individual narratives. With 40 MILLION followers spanning diverse ages, cultures, and nationalities, their vast influence and universal appeal are unmistakable.

Additional Insights:
The Osbournes have consistently struck a chord with audiences worldwide. While Jack and Kelly resonate deeply with the mid-life demographic, discussing wellness, self-discovery, and transformation, Sharon caters to a slightly older audience with her candid tales of empowerment. Ozzy, with his legendary music career and no-holds-barred discussions, captivates younger male listeners.

Dive in as the Osbournes unveil, once again, the enchanting chaos and authenticity of their unparalleled world!

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