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I'm a fan because it been in my blood, like a genetic blood born disease since birth. My mom and dad were both Sabbath fans, back in the 1960's. An in the 80's when Ozz was a solo act, you could bet my dad was tring in vein to learn every drum beat from every song. When I came into their lives, I am the first born, did they stop listening to Ozz and settle their hard rocking ways? HELL NO! Instead they bred me to be an Ozz fan. I can remember listening to "Bark at the Moon" when I was eight going on a ride to one of my parents parties, and even though I didn't know it then, I know it now, I became infected with the biological bug to love and live for Hard Rock and Metal, and guess what this is one disease that I hope I never get cured of and I'm wishing that my condition gets worse, and everytime I hear a metal song, no matter whether it's the Ozz or a two-bit garage band-I know that my infection is getting worse, my obession grows and my need for more metal teems out of my ears- "Like a junky without an addiction"-I Don't Wanna Stop- Ozzy

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" The Nobodies"
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Marilyn Manson"
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"Today I was dirty-wanted to be pretty-I know now that I'm forever dirt"

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United States


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